Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Day 1

A gentle start into #30DaysWild, the weather is not great, overcast and windy, so very little wildlife about in the garden, plenty of birds chirping away, wrens and blackbirds busily collecting food around the garden for their chicks in nests - both in our hedge,  while great tit and blue tit visiting feeders along with collecting food in the hawthorns for their nests in our boxes! Other than that we have a handful of bees buzzing around our comfrey, which is my instagram pic  for today, currently I have 6 likes, goes without saying I would appreciate a lot more!!!
and from the 30 Days Wild app I have selected 'let it grow wild' as today's act, which involves choosing an area of garden to leave alone for the month and see what grows. This is the area we have decided to leave for the month

It had its last cut at the weekend, now will leave it and see what comes up over the next 30 days

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