Monday, 27 June 2016

day 27 #30DaysWild - with birds in mind

This morning I popped over to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust at Wolseley Bridge for more sunflower hearts for our feeders. While I was there I went to look for the kingfishers, unfortunately they didn't make an appearance, but I did spot a beautiful demoiselle flutter up into one of the willows on the bank of the River Trent.

There were also a good number of ducks, geese and this family of Mute Swans.

While I was there I also visited the sensory garden, maybe one of my favourite areas at the centre, there always seems to be something new to look at, as was the case again today with several new herbs planted in the raised beds.
The living walkway looked fantastic today, maybe this could be a project idea for next year, not on quite the scale of this one though!

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