Saturday, 11 June 2016

Day 11 #30DaysWild Moth trap - new setting, new habitat, new moths

We had the opportunity to set up our moth trap in a different location last night, so this morning we were hopeful for a few new moths. we usually set up in a garden adjacent to open grassland  but last night it was in a garden full of mature shrubs and surrounded by tall trees - We had a bumper haul but unfortunately as it poured down with rain this morning I was unable to photograph the moths outside and most were photographed in their collection specimen pots, so not the best collection of moth pictures, some photos were so poor because of the reflections on the pots surface, that they would be of no use at all for ID confirmation and some  moths I just didn't take photos of at all, because they wouldn't stay still, but here are the ones I did take. sorry there are still quite a few!


White-pinion Spotted

Scorched Wing

Clouded Border
Mullein Wave

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Pebble Prominent

White Ermine

Peppered Moth


Buff Ermine

Satin Lutestring

Ghost Moth

Sharp Angled Peacock

Small Yellow Wave

Purple Bar

Map-winged Swift

Beautiful China-mark

Brown Silver-lines

Small Angle Shades

Small Elephant Hawkmoth
 A few of these are new species for us which is a great bonus!

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