Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 30 #30DaysWild summing up

Well that is that - the end of our 30th Day, but not the end of wild days, long may they continue!

The day started with some sunshine and full of promise and it didn't disappoint with the arrival of our first Ringlet butterfly of the year in our garden, alas no camera to hand! we also had a warbler in our hedge, I am thinking it was a chiffchaff, although it could have been a willow warbler.
Then I found this 7-spot ladybird

 good news with a few aphids about, the ants seemed to be appreciating these black aphids.

and what about the lawn patches we left to grow wild 30 days ago?
Well this is what we have now....


At dinnertime a male sparrowhawk flew down onto our feeders, he was unsuccessful so he then just sat there for a minute or so, if I had known he would loiter I might have grabbed my camera, instead we all just sat there watching him!
...and just now we had a buzzard perch on one of the fence posts, with its prey on the other side of our track, just two or three metres from our garden too dark now for a photo, but we have plenty still happening and the promise of more still to come - I am very much looking forward to the butterflies and dragonflies still to visit us this year and all this borage busting into flower

A big Thank you to The Wildlife Trusts for coming up with the idea of 30 Days Wild, I did see a tweet earlier asking if anyone is up to 365 days wild - well yes I am although I won't be posting any of the next 335 days on here or numbering the days on instagram, but please do keep visiting my instagram account as I will still be sharing nature and wildlife pics on there, hopefully something new everyday.

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