Saturday, 18 June 2016

day 18 - #30daysWild - shopping local with butterflies in mind

Yesterday - the Butterfly Conservation posted a link on facebook 'planting a pot for pollinators' which contained a list of their 10 most recommended nectar-rich plants for pots and although I have several plants in my garden I consider to be good for pollinators I didn't have any of the ten on their list, so today we went out looking for them in our local nursery.
We only found two of them Catmint and Lambs ear, we also found a Salvia nemorosa but a white one not Balkan Clary so we bought that instead as it had a bee on it I decided it would do for now and I will keep looking for the Balkan Clary along with the other seven I didn't find today. 
As soon as I returned home I planted up them - One in the garden, one in a pot and one in an old sink 

Salvia nemorosa


Lambs Ear

While I was in the process of planting up this Lambs Ear a Painted Lady butterfly was enjoying the Red Valerian in the adjacent sink.

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