Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Day 14 #30 Days Wild - 'A poolside visit'

Today I wrote this, inspired by a visit to a wildlife trust reserve a couple of days ago.

A glistening pool,
A chance find,
as we approach, it appears alive.
Hundreds of wings, as panes of glass, 
Flashing prisms when catching the light.

The pool is serene, 
Lily pad covered,
Over each leaf, a damselfly hovers.
Delicate blues, some settle to rest,
Others gently alight and skim over the wet

A stalk in the mud provides a perch,
A dragonfly leaves, returns and is then off away,
But not for long,
It arrives once more with a mouth full of prey.

A glimpse of green or was it yellow,
Gone in a flash, to fast to tell,
In comes another,
With a fizz of wings, two briefly collide,
we stand transfixed, 
As these giants race by

We could stay all day to watch this show,
But leave we must, and yet we know.
that all this happens at so many pools.
Just as it should be,
Beautiful wildlife for all to see!

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