Sunday, 5 June 2016

Day 5 - #30daysWild - borage, cloudless sky and nature walk around our local common

After a chilly start the sun soon broke through and then we were in cloudless Staffordshire for the rest of the day!

So a day of more gardening with the the company of a fearless robin, who kept appearing near to where I chose to dig! could this be the year I finally get a robin to feed from my hand? any tips on how I go about this would be very welcome!
One of my tasks in the garden was to thin out the borage, which sort of fitted into one of the random wild acts on the 30daysWild App, so today I selected 'sow borage for bees' and adapted it to thinned out borage for bees. I sowed my borage seeds during last years 30 Days Wild and we enjoyed a mass of them in late summer, which then self seeded for this year, so reluctantly today I pulled up several seedlings from the bed, but have still left at least 20 borage plants growing so again I am looking forward to a mass of blue flowers along with the bees and the holly blue butterfly that enjoyed them last year.

After an hour or so of gardening we decided to go for a walk around our neighbouring common, we kept an eye out for small pearl bordered fritillary butterflies, but alas there were none, we haven't seen any for a few years now, but I remain hopeful that they are still here it's just that we haven't spotted them!
We did however see our first Painted Lady of the year which just happened to fly onto the only guelder rose on the common as I was photographing the flowers.

We also spotted this stunning broad bodied chaser dragonfly

a Mother Shipton moth

and lots of these micro moths glyphipterix thrasonella

but the star of the day had to be the fantastic show of ragged robin, probably the best I have ever seen on the common

When we returned home my attention once more was focused on our friendly robin, I became a human bird table for an hour, sitting still on our lawn for an hour arms held out with two palms full of seed. Needless to say I had no takers but it was very relaxing!

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