Saturday, 4 June 2016

Day 4 - #30DaysWild - a day with moths - oh and a shieldbug!

Last night Mr S set up our moth trap in our garden, this morning when I woke at 6.45am Mr S was already up and out sorting the trap, this is not unusual, I just roll out of bed to take the photos, Mr S does the hard work of emptying, identifying and recording. I can now recognise quite a lot of the moths after four years of trapping though I have to say that small brown moths are and probably will always be just small brown moths to me! they have to have a bit of colour or character for me to take any interest! so here are the moths that caught my eye today! - there were quite a lot! ...

Pale Tussock (male)

Pale Tussock (female)

Peppered moth

Chinese Character

Small Magpie

Oblique Carpet

Clouded Silver

An early group photo

Gold Spot

group photo - some moths didn't want to hang around for the group photo and flew off but these obligingly stayed!


Pebble Prominent

White Ermine

Oak Hook Tip

Ingrailed Clay

Buff Ermine


hawk moths - Poplars and Elephant

Scorched Wing
Later on we had another pyralid moth,the tiny mint moth, flying around our garden.

Mint moth 
and then Mr S spotted this stunning shield bug which we have since identified as  a Woundwort Shield bug
Woundwort shieldbug

Woundwort shieldbug

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