Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 2 - 30 Days Wild

A beautiful day to be outside today, lovely sunshine but still quite a cool feel in the shade. I spied butterflies fluttering around over the common in front of our house, but I spent most of the day indoors - which included a visit to Gallery at 12 in Eccleshall, I took over 30 of my nature photograph greeting cards to add to the large selection of cards already available from the gallery.

After an incredibly relaxing hour floating around in a pod of salted water this afternoon I finally returned home in time to cook dinner, I spent as much time as I could pottering around the garden while the dinner was cooking, apart from a few bees and the birds I saw nothing to photograph,
To my relief though a wasp ended up in our hall so I was able to carry out another wild act from the 30 days wild app by 'saving a wild life' this was tweeted this evening and then after dinner  and before Springwatch we did get out for a short walk up our lane so I did manage to photograph a few insects - There has been an invasion of diamondback moths from Europe and our lane hasn't escaped them, hundreds of them flying around the cow parsley along our lane - so today's instagram picture was one of these moths.
Diamondback moth

 I also then tweeted a 2-spot ladybird too but I still have an insect to ID, any help on this would be welcome!

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