Friday, 10 June 2016

day 10 #30DaysWild - the hare and the fox

This morning we had a hare right outside our house, we have seen them on the common before, but never on our track. By the time I had got my camera the hare had moved on slightly out of view from our front door, but still on the track, so I rushed up to my workroom and managed to get these photos through the window glass!

Later on in the morning we were on our drive and the hare pelted past our gateway being hotly pursued by a young fox - far too quick for any chance of a photo. We didn't see any sign of either animal for the rest of the time we were outside, so unfortunately we do not know the outcome.

 my instagram post today was a video of bird song, going on around us as we sat out drinking am afternoon cup of tea

Now our attention is focused on the National Moth Night tonight, the trap is being sorted by Mr S as I type, we have a new location for tonight's trapping session providing a different habitat to usual, in a garden with plenty of mature shrubs surrounded by many tall trees, mainly coniferous, which will hopefully mean several new moths in the morning

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